Kitchen Rave
By Takshi Mehta

Okay Chef: You Cook, We Rave

The coolest place to rave is a Kitchen now!

Imagine this: The music pulses through the air, filling every corner of the kitchen. You find yourself moving to the rhythm, singing along joyously as you whip up a batch of delectable Korean cream cheese buns. The kitchen becomes a dance floor, and in that moment, life feels uncomplicated and full of joy, mingling the aromas of delicious food with the energy of dance.

Now, picture this scene being not just a spontaneous burst of fun but a meticulously crafted experience awaiting you. This is where Kitchen Rave, brought to life by Baykery and co-founded by marketer Harshith Bangera and Chef Siddharth Shetty, steps in.

At this invite-only event held in the actual kitchen of The Baykery, you’re treated to live sets by diverse DJs, while Chef Shetty orchestrates a culinary symphony right before your eyes. Is it a culinary showcase or a musical sanctuary? Is it a gastronomic adventure or a live concert? It’s all you can imagine and more, blending the artistry of food and the beats of electronic music into an unforgettable experience.

“Sid and I have been gig buddies, and we love the rush one gets from live music,” Harshith shares. “We had often discussed doing a cook-off with our friends and playing some music at our bakery after hours.” This casual idea took shape as they realized the potential for something extraordinary. “It started with just one of our friends playing to a lineup of friends/artists, with a 3-item menu that ended up being a 7-item menu,” Harshith recalls with a laugh. “It was all experimental, we did it for fun because we absolutely love food and music and thought it would be a great experience.”


Recap of Kitchen Rave Volume 1

In Volume 1 of the Kitchen Rave IP, techno maverick Jas, melodic techno spinner Sage, and house enthusiast KIBO took the stage by storm. Meanwhile, Chef Shetty whipped up some delectable dishes like mixed veg & mozzarella quiches, mushroom white truffle gougers, bao buns with paneer tandoori filling, and Korean cream cheese buns. For dessert, attendees enjoyed chocolate sable, milk chocolate & hazelnut profiteroles, and honey butter toast with toffee sauce, all prepared live at the event.

However, this is just the beginning for Kitchen Rave. Bangera and Chef Shetty are trying to make this vibrant experience more accessible to everyone. Recently, they launched Kitchen Rave Station, an extension of the initiative that opens the doors to all enthusiasts. Unlike the exclusive nature of Kitchen Rave, Kitchen Rave Station welcomes all ticket holders.

The inaugural event of Kitchen Rave Station took place at Los Cavos, nestled off Linking Road in Bandra. Here, amidst the pulsating beats of DJs Zokhuma and SimSim, The Baykery collaborated with VRO Hospitality Pvt Ltd to bring a fusion of Latin American flavors to accompany the musical journey. Chef Rafael Estremadoyro Garcia worked his magic right beside the DJ booth as guests indulged in live preparations of Mexican and Peruvian delights, adding a savory twist to the electrifying atmosphere.

“Starting from June onwards, we’ll be hosting the events more frequently to ensure that more people can access the experience,” Harshith reveals. “Additionally, we have some exciting formats in development for the end of the year.” Responding to growing demand, they explore opportunities to take Kitchen Rave to different cities, promising a broader reach for their unique blend of food and music.

Kitchen Rave

Why Kitchen Rave is Growing Fast

The allure of freshly prepared hot food combined with live music in an intimate setting has captivated attendees. “Perhaps the traction is due to various factors—people seem to love the idea of enjoying freshly prepared hot food right before their eyes,” Harshith reflects. “It could also be the accessibility of both the chef and the artist to the audience, giving the event a cozy house party vibe.”