What happens at Magnetic, stays at Magnetic!

Where Unforgettable Experiences Are Born

29Th JAN 2024

Exploring the Magic of Magnetic Fields Festival

Ever eaten made-to-order sushi in a desert? Ever raved in a 17th-century palace till sunrise and attended a yoga lesson right after? Ever seen traditional folk musicians and drag queens perform within hours of each other? I have! Man, I would kill at a game of Never Have I Ever. If you have attended the Magnetic Fields festival, you probably have too.

Magnetic Fields at Alsisar Mahal: A Unique Setting

Magnetic Fields is a music festival that takes place yearly at the Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan. Take several experiences that are rarely seen together, and put them all in a desert in the middle of December, and there you have it. There is some bizarre magic in the air. It is absolutely unforgettable, and if you’re a South Indian like me, also absolutely unforgiving. It is unfathomable to me how any individual can expose any bit of bare skin to the wind in 4-degree weather; this girl could never.

Electronic Music Extravaganza: Jameson Connects South Stage

I was absolutely thrilled to be able to attend this year, as the previous years’ experience profoundly changed how I (a live musician) view and experience electronic music; something that truly reflected in the music I’ve made since. This year’s edition did not disappoint and opened me up to so much more. I truly love how much attention is given to the celebration of electronic music in the curation of this festival. The lineup is always fantastic, with artists who are so diverse and unique, collaborating and contributing to a 3-day non-stop-fever-dream of a musical experience. The aim is to keep you moving throughout – classical musicians improvise live amidst synthesizers, folk musicians give you the most joyful, soulful, boisterous performances, the raves are mind-bending; even the Jameson Connects South stage (My favourite, I have to say – some things never change) keeps dance and groove at the forefront with all the acts.

Unforgettable Performances at Jameson Underground Stage

Getting to watch DJs play smashing sets at the Jameson underground stage, which is a literal palace dungeon (bad acoustics, GREAT times), was surely a one-for-the-books kind of thing, and the girlies (Rasa, Kandi Kuri, Mixtress) did just that. They played absolute banger sets; the audience could not get enough, and the fact that there were so many people there was great for me as it was a warm haven from the cold. I have seen Rasa (the bass queen) play several times in Bangalore; she signaled to me just half an hour into her set and yelled in my ear – “I’m playing your song next!”

Community Vibes and Musical Diversity

If you have released music, you know there is no better feeling than seeing people rock out to it. What a feeling! Just a moment between two very different artists, loving what they were doing, and an audience that only cared about the energy in the room. It was epic. The highs kept getting higher after that point – I joined another woman I absolutely adore for a song in her set (Sandunes), caught absolutely beautiful acts of every kind, danced my feet off, played games, met new artists, met old friends, saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and music was playing through every. Single. Second. The atmosphere is infectious; the whole community knows what’s up. What happens in the desert stays in the desert. It’s your duty to get lost and get found, together. I can’t wait to go again!

Jameson Connects in partnership with Azadi Records, powered by Jameson Ginger Ale.