What is Jameson Connects?


29 JAN 2024

Jameson Connects, in partnership with Azadi Records, is an endeavor to create a culture-first platform that fosters the spirit of collaboration and openness, bringing together independent artists, culture makers, and communities to celebrate their passions and tell their stories. At the heart of the platform is the purpose of making the world a more welcoming place because we believe that even though we can go faster alone, we can always go further together.

Powered by Jameson Ginger Ale, the platform comes alive through four primary initiatives – Jam Pad, Jam Studio, Jam Radio, and Jam Stage, where we delve into the counter-culture fabric of the country to design experiences that inspire new artistic expressions and amplify them.

Jam Pad focuses on accelerating the careers of emerging musicians by giving them grants, mentorships from experienced industry professionals, as well as creative and technical aid.

A simple conversation can pave the way for great collaborations, and this is the spirit within Jam Studio, a collaborative space for the community to explore new ways to express their creativity and entrepreneurial mindset.

Through Jam Radio, our editorial platform, we will bring to you exclusive stories from India’s diverse subculture, immersive content, and guest features.

Jam Stage provides opportunities for our community to showcase their talent to a larger audience and be a part of the biggest festivals and live experiences, hosted by our partners and culture makers.

Jameson Connects brings together like-minded thinkers, encourages dialogue, and invites communities to join the conversation with an aim to build meaningful connections. By indulging in our common love for creation and collaboration, we intend to create a more welcoming world through art and culture and, along the way, make a meaningful contribution to the community.

So, join us at our table, for in our eyes, there are no strangers – only friends we are yet to meet!

Jameson Connects in partnership with Azadi Records, powered by Jameson Ginger Ale.