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A community-first platform, powered by Jameson Ginger Ale, for creative minds to come together! Fostering a spirit of openness, Jameson Connects brings together culture-driven individuals and communities to celebrate their passions and share their stories.

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We aim to connect creators to opportunities and accelerate their careers, conceive collaborations, and celebrate stories from our communities. By sparking conversations around visual arts, music, events, and more, we strive to make the world a smaller place.

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Azadi Records

Azadi Records is a progressive Indian music label that has significantly delved into thought provoking hip-hop, cutting across subcultures and regional languages across the Indian subcontinent. Founded in 2017, the seminal music released on the label represents the aspirations of India’s youth and puts voices that often go unheard at the forefront.

JW records
Jam Studio

Cross-Cultural Collaborations

Jam Pad
Jam Pad

Exploring the journey of Indie musicians