Wassup Gurugram? We are glad to announce Jameson Connects, Gurugram 2.0. This time around too we are bringing a chill spirit along with local bands, sumptuous grub and of course, the chance to connect with like-minded folks, just like the last time. 

Date: 17th March 2024

Venue: DLF Cyberhub – Surface parking 10C, Gurugram

Time: Gates open 5pm onwards

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About the Artists


The Yellow Diary

India’s leading pop-rock band, The Yellow Diary has a fresh sonic identity that blends thought provoking poetry with a unique, modern soundscape. Charged with powerful song-writing, their music is an ODE to the experiences we go through in this mysterious, unpredictable roller coaster called life. Their music is a reflection of personal experiences and personal journey, something most of us pen in our journals/diaries.

The Love Buzz

Known for their high energy sets and hypnotic melodies, The Love Buzz describe themselves as the scuzzy power pop princes of Ireland. They are the tongue in cheek beacon of hope blending their hyper-caustic pogo punk with timeless pop bangers. ‘Their guitars are crunchy, their drums are bullying and their basslines knit it all together like a middle child hatching a plan.’ With their first EP Candyflip the band explored different variants in style and challenged the genre locked norms of today’s scene, breeding a caustic hyper-saturated concoction of Punk Pop and Indie.

Taba Chake

Choosing to use his euphonious voice as his medium of artistic expression, Taba Chake has over the years honed and developed an articulate, intimate and intricate form of story-telling. Chake’s tender approach to songwriting with his masterful use of guitar as a choice of instrument has an authentic gentleness to it. It is this character of his music and musicality that makes his connection to his listeners and fans traverse through languages, state lines, and walks of life. While his 2016 debut EP Bond with Nature evokes an almost-haptic nostalgic longing for a life of tranquility away from the cities.


Hailing from Delhi, Seezi is unquestionably one of India’s youngest & most talented DJ’s and producers. She has been making music since the very young age of 16. Her focus has always been on getting better each day and that’s what keeps her going on. Ever since childhood, Seezi has been praised musically. Her fascination and love for music eventually made her to showcase her talent and step into the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). She doesn’t believe in being entitled to a particular genre and loves experimenting with different styles of music but as far as her music production is concerned, her interest and focus has always been in making Hip Hop music.